Obi Wan Kenobi

Real Obi Kenobi

Obi Kenobi

Vital statistics
Current Position Jedi Padawan
Jedi Knight
Jedi Master
Jedi Council Member
Jedi General
Current Age Unknown
Current Status Deceased (Star Wars)
Still alive (Isaac Clip universe)
Equipment Light Saber, etc.
Died in 0 BBY (35:3), DS-1 Orbital Battle Station
Alias Ben Kenobi
General Kenobi
Physical attributes
Height 1.82m
Weight 77kg, later 80kg
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
First appearence Unknown
Last appearence Unknown
Voiced by Isaac

Obi-Wan Kenobi (later known as Ben Kenobi) is the character in Solly0823. This character is based on his original version. He is from Star Wars.


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