Amy SmithAnnoying Orange Wazzup LEGO versionAttack of the Clones LEGO version. MysteryGuitarMan
AwakeningBattle Droid Walk (My entry to thefourmonkeys Walk This Way contest)Blue 0
C-3POChristina AguileraCrazy Cook
Crazy MagicianDane BoedigheimerDarth Vader
DastanDestroying LEGO cityFeeding a baby sugar glider
Fool V.S IdiotGuard (Indiana Jones)Han Solo
Harlem Shake (Suprise Ending Edition)HarveyI'm HERE singing contest Final
I'm HERE singing contest Semi-finalIkey talk episode 1: woodchuck dittyIkey talk theme song
Imperial OfficerIndiana's HorseIndiana Jones
Isaac (character)Isaac ClipIsaac Clip Wiki
Isaac SmithJames BondJar Jar Binks
JohnLEGO - My Report What Do You Wish For?LEGO 007
LEGO 007 (preview)LEGO 007 Episode 1 - The Cookers Stealing PlanLEGO 007 Episode 2 - Rescuing the mayor
LEGO 007 Episode 3 - Food fightLEGO 007 and FRED team up trailerLEGO Bowling
LEGO Darth Vader being a jerkLEGO Gangnam Style (江南STYLE樂高版)LEGO Han Solo jump (test film)
LEGO Happy New Year!! (2010)LEGO HiLEGO Indiana Jones - 99 more
LEGO Magic trick FAILLEGO Magic trick FAIL 2LEGO Magic trick FAIL 3
LEGO Magic trick FAIL 4LEGO Ninja (made in 24 hour)LEGO Prank
LEGO Star wars jedi battle 2LEGO Starwars Jetpack AmbushLEGO Starwars jedi battle
LEGO SupermanLEGO an unforgetable pictureLEGO car chase
LEGO do not drive and talk on the cellphoneLEGO fightLEGO hi (a better version)
LEGO high jumpLEGO school question (HD)LEGO seewell
Laser gun fire (test film)Lego Annoying OrangeLego Indiana Jones
Lego Indiana Jones - Bad StoryLego Magic Trick FailLuke Skywalker
MagicianMaking LEGOMore teens are having luck LEGO version
My Roommate Mario LEGO VersionNews ReporterNinja
Obi Wan KenobiProfessor Henry Jones Sr.R2-D2
Re: Annoying Orange Wazzup 2: WasssabiRe: SHOUT OUT SUNDAY 50Re : Jelly Beans - Collab Video
René Emile BelloqSamurai KidScared eggs LEGO version
School stop motion (Backing up song)ShooterSo you think you're smart ?
Solly0823Solomon SmithSpin stop motion
SpongeBob SquarePantsStop motion workoutTeacher John
There is a live minifig in my house!!Throwing Knife TestWillie Scott
Wreck It Ralph in TaiwanYou Are On Our Side (Solomon Cover)【感動99】心幸福運動-Heart
倪安東-散場的擁抱 (史斯宇live)樂高新年快樂(LEGO Happy Chinese New Year)
File:007-1.pngFile:007 v1.pngFile:007 v2.png
File:99 more.pngFile:AUP.pngFile:Amy Smith.png
File:Annoying Orange Wazzup LEGO versionFile:Attack of the Clones LEGO version. MysteryGuitarManFile:Awakening.jpg
File:Blue 0.pngFile:Bowling.pngFile:C-3PO.png
File:CC.pngFile:Christina Aguilera (2006).jpgFile:Crazy Cook.png
File:DLC.pngFile:DVBAJ.pngFile:Dane Boedigheimer (7483764284).jpg
File:Darth Vader.jpgFile:Dastan.jpgFile:FF.png
File:FVSI.pngFile:Feeding a baby sugar gliderFile:Fleming007impression.jpg
File:German Soldier.pngFile:HS.pngFile:HSJILSL.png
File:HS thumbnail.jpgFile:Han Solo.pngFile:Harvey.png
File:Heart.jpgFile:Henry Jones.pngFile:Horsey Jones.png
File:I'm HERE singing contest FinalFile:I'm HERE singing contest Semi-finalFile:Ikey talk episode 1 woodchuck ditty
File:Ikey talk theme songFile:Imperial Officer.pngFile:Indiana Jones.png
File:L007AFTU.pngFile:LDNDATOYC.pngFile:LEGO - My Report What Do You Wish For?
File:LEGO 007.pngFile:LEGO Gangnam Style (江南STYLE樂高版)File:LEGO Happy New Year!! (2010)
File:LEGO HiFile:LEGO Starwars jedi battleFile:LEGO hi(a better version)
File:LEGO high jumpFile:LF.pngFile:LMTF.png
File:LSWJA.pngFile:LSWJB2.pngFile:Laser gun fire (test film)
File:Lego Belloq.pngFile:Lego Christina Aguilera.pngFile:Lego Daneboe.png
File:Lego Darth Vader.pngFile:Lego Dastan.pngFile:Lego Harvey.png
File:Lego Indiana Jones- Bad StoryFile:Lego Indiana Jones.pngFile:Lego Isaac.png
File:Lego Jar2 Binks.pngFile:Lego Luke.pngFile:Lego Solomon.png
File:Lego SpongeBob.pngFile:Lego Willie Scott.pngFile:Luke Skywalker.png
File:More teens are having luck LEGO versionFile:News Reporter.pngFile:Ninja.png
File:Ninja in LEGO Ninja.pngFile:Ninja in LEGO Ninja Chase.pngFile:Obi Kenobi.png
File:R2-D2.pngFile:RTM.pngFile:Re Annoying Orange Wazzup 2 Wasssabi
File:Re Jelly Beans - Collab VideoFile:Re SHOUT OUT SUNDAY 50File:Real C-3PO.png
File:Real Han Solo.jpgFile:Real Obi Kenobi.pngFile:Real R2-D2.png
File:Samurai Kid.pngFile:School stop motion (Backing up song)File:Seewell.png
File:Shooter.pngFile:Solly0823.jpgFile:Solomon Smith.png
File:SpongeBob.pngFile:Stop motion workoutFile:TISLMIMH.png
File:Teacher John.pngFile:Throwing Knife TestFile:Wiki-background
File:Wreck It Ralph in TaiwanFile:You Are On Our Side (Solomon Cover)File:【感動99】心幸福運動-Heart
File:倪安東-散場的擁抱 (史斯宇live)File:樂高新年快樂(LEGO Happy Chinese New Year)

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