LEGO Hi (Better Version)
LEGO hi(a better version)01:09

LEGO hi(a better version)

Season 2010, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date January 28, 2010
Directed by Isaac
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Ikey talk theme song Ikey stopmotion

LEGO hi (a better version) is the 8th video of Solly0823. This video where did the better version based on the old version LEGO Hi. This video is the first 2010 video.


Isaac, Old Man, Christina Aguilera, and Crazy Cook says hi. Later, Imperial Officer here to shoot them. Then, they shout and ran from him. He shocked that they escaped. The officer calls soldier to inform Star Wars. But, it's too late. Then, he calls Indiana Jones. But, It's too late. He calls James Bond. But, It's still too late. He said that's not good enough and he calls big foot. The big foot walking and stomping the officer which he doesn't look at him. Then, he okay. Video ends.



  • This video is the remake of the LEGO Hi.

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