LEGO Gangnam Style (江南STYLE樂高版)
LEGO Gangnam Style (江南STYLE樂高版)00:23

LEGO Gangnam Style (江南STYLE樂高版)

Season 2012, Episode 98
Vital statistics
Air date September 8, 2012
Directed by Isaac
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20120811 黃郁善 - Don't Have To Search No More @星光閃耀演唱會 Wreck It Ralph in Taiwan

LEGO Gangnam Style (江南STYLE樂高版) is tht 98th video for Solly0823. This video is based on the Gangnam Style by PSY, the composer of this video.



  • PSY broke his leg by himself. That means Isaac broke PSY's leg while he making his video.
  • "Music by Umm... Hello..." is unknown. It means that PSY was composed

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