LEGO 007 and FRED team up trailer
Season 2010, Episode 46
Vital statistics
Air date July 13, 2010
Directed by Isaac
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Annoying Orange Wazzup LEGO version Attack of the Clones LEGO version. MysteryGuitarMan
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LEGO 007 Episode 3 - Food fight To be continued...

LEGO 007 and FRED team up trailer is the 46th video for Solly0823. This video is the trailer for the new episode of LEGO 007. But, it wasn't released yet.


This video starts James Bond appears with his gun and Fred appears yelling in the earth making his noise destroying everything in the earth. James bond said "This episode better and quickly". Then, the end



  • When the new episode wasn't released yet, he accidentally reply in a comment of this video sayas "I don't know. It's been 2 years and I still haven't finshed yet XD".

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