LEGO 007 (preview)
LEGO 007
The logo for LEGO 007
Season 2009, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date June 6, 2009
Directed by Isaac
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Lego Indiana Jones - Bad Story LEGO - My Report What Do You Wish For?
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N/A LEGO 007 Episode 1 - The Cookers Stealing Plan

This is the preview for LEGO 007 will be coming in July 2009. This video is where did the intro for the LEGO 007.


The preview started where did James Bond (aka Agent 007) walking in the circle and slipped by brick here. Then, he started to shooting. But, he out of his bullet and his gun explodes. Later, James and his guns flies off. The gun fall off and James fall off. The logo shows and the "Coming soon" text is under the logo of 007. Video ends


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